Democratic Presidential Primary Filipino American Issues Forum – Statement

NEW YORK – Tonight, the Filipino American Democratic Club of New York held their first-ever Democratic Presidential Primary Filipino American Issues Forum, marking the first time such an event that focused on Filipino American priorities for the next president of the United States had taken place. The event was hosted by Liga Filipina of Columbia University, and speakers included Mark Jamias, President of Liga Filipina of Columbia University, Aries Dela Cruz, FADCNY Club President, Rapi Castillo, Filipino American Leader in the Bernie Sanders campaign, and Jason Tengco, AAPI Outreach Director of Hillary for America.

FADCNY Club President Aries Dela Cruz issued the following statement:

I have never been more proud to be a Filipino American Democrat after tonight’s first-ever Filipino American Issues Forum. I extend my thanks to Rapi Castillo and Jason Tengco for educating the community on the Filipino American community’s core priorities for the next President, and I take this time to observe and honor the great contributions of the Filipino American community to the political process of the Democratic Party. As New York holds our Democratic primary to have our say on who will become the next President of the United States on Tuesday, April 19, I ask all Filipino American Democrats to become a member of our club to continue to build Filipino American political power in New York. By becoming a Member of Filipino American Democrats, you will help us elect a Democratic president in 2016, and to make sure that there is a meaningful, visible and organized, and unafraid Filipino American movement in that effort, no matter who the Democratic nominee will be.