Statement on New York Democratic Presidential Primary

NEW YORK – Aries Dela Cruz, President of the Filipino American Democratic Club of New York issued the following statement following the results of tonight’s Democratic Presidential Primaries in New York.

“Congratulations to tonight’s Democratic winner, Hillary Clinton, for her victory in the New York primary. I’d also like to congratulate both of our party’s campaigns for their engagement with Asian American New Yorkers, particularly Filipino Americans. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have shown that they truly embody New York values, as well as the aspirations and hopes of the Filipino American community.

Let’s continue to build on the progress that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have made in engaging and connecting with Filipino Americans here by uniting behind the newest Democratic institution in the Empire State—the Filipino American Democratic Club of New York.

Donald Trump’s victory tonight should show Filipino Americans that extremists have completely taken over the Republican Party. Donald Trump began his campaign right here in New York by calling our immigrant families and neighbors rapists and drug dealers. Donald Trump has said he would ban members of an entire religion from entering our country, and that women who seek appropriate reproductive healthcare should be punished.

The choice this November is clear: We need to elect a Democrat as President, and tonight has demonstrated that Filipino Americans will be a decisive force in securing that victory.”