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Yes, I want to join and support the Filipino American Democrats!

Please put my contribution to work immediately to advancing Filipino American and Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) issues and priorities among elected officials and candidates for public office.

Membership Categories

General Membership

Any registered voter in the Democratic Party of New York who supports the mission of the Club shall be eligible for general membership. General Members may vote on any Club election and serve on board committees as chairs, lead organizers or members at-large. Exemptions are made for permanent residents/green card holders who are not registered to vote in the Democratic Party, but faithfully pledge to do so once they become naturalized.

Supporting Membership

Anyone may become a supporting member who supports the mission and priorities of the club. Supporters may serve as lead organizers or members at-large of committees. They may vote in the committee, and in any motions during general meetings of the club that are not directly in relation to the endorsement or election of Club members or electoral candidates.