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The FADCNY is open to everyone, but only those who hold General Membership are eligible to serve as committee chairs, and vote on club officers, and electoral endorsements. Join us now.


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Officers & Directors


Aries Dela Cruz, Club President
Steven Raga, Vice President


Aaron Soriano, Political Committee Co-Chair
Marilyn Abalos, Membership Co-Chair
Johanna Contreras, Governance & Finance Co-Chair
Marian Guerra, Communications Co-Chair
Iris Zalun, Membership Co-Chair


Rapi Castillo
Sarah Fajardo
Kristina Joyas
Maria Cruz Lee

Kalaya’an Mendoza
Philip V. McCarthy
Yves Nibungco
Rachelle Ocampo
Ed Santos
Cheska Tolentino

Club Mission

Filipino American Democratic Club of New York is a political club that organizes and leads the Filipino American electorate in New York City and New York State. We are dedicated to advancing Filipino American and Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) issues and priorities among elected officials and candidates for public office.  Our main priorities include the promotion of a progressive platform of the Democratic Party and fair and just representation for Filipinos in the redistricting process. The Club welcomes participation from all New Yorkers interested in supporting Filipino & AAPI priorities.

To achieve our mission, the Club will organize and unite the Filipino community and those who support their issues and priorities to: vigorously participate in the electoral process through canvassing and Get Out the Vote operations; register voters who support the Club’s mission; evaluate candidates for elected and appointed public office and actively support those candidates who best promote the Club’s mission; identifying leaders for appointments and elections within the Democratic Party at all levels, ranging from judicial delegates, county and state committees, to district leaders, presidential primary delegates, and national committees; increasing the number of Filipinos who are engaged in civic leadership through appointments to various local boards and committees, positions such as community boards, community education councils, precinct community councils, neighborhood advisory boards, and community action boards; and actively support the election and appointments of progressive Filipino and AAPI candidates.

In addition, the Club will organize public events such as candidate and issue forums; evaluate pending legislation, adopt public positions, and advise the Filipino community and the public at large of the Club’s recommendations; build coalitions with other organizations that support the Club’s mission; and increase the Club’s visibility and influence by advocacy, community action, and organizing.